i mostly have found out about wiremock through tes...
# wiremock-java
i mostly have found out about wiremock through testcontainers - tried it today, seems like the page about the testcontainer leads to the rest api docs. i suppose the next step is to implement a client? i am just trying to get a sense of how far along this distribution is - i think theoretically this is already workable but there is quite a rich api with static methods (that i really dont understand yet) and i feel like if i try to use the testcontainer now, im missing out on all of that expressiveness by attempting to implement a client for an api which i also do not fully understand
Hi. Most of WireMock is configurable via JSON (and soon to be YAML) files, samples for which you can find on the respective documentation pages.
You can indeed configure WireMock via a REST API client, but it is not something you would normally need for basic use-cases.
If you need static methods from the standard Java API, You can use the API CLient from https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock, just by configuring the proper endpoint there. We do not bundle the client API in the Tesctontainers Modules, because it goes against AtomicJar's certification requirements 😞