Hi! I am just learning about WireMock and it is un...
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Hi! I am just learning about WireMock and it is unclear to me which features for HTTP APIs are also implemented for gRPC APIs. Can someone answer the following and/or point me to some documentation? 1. Can I proxy and record gRPC requests/responses from a real service? If this is possible, do I still need to specify the proto files or can server reflection be used? 2. The proto files for my use case (using kotlin/JVM) are imported from a separate library. Is there support to automatically use the proto files from the library jar so that when I update the version of the library, it can pick up the changes in the proto files (without me having to keep a separate copy of the protos in my application code)? Thanks for any help/tips!
Hi Ryan, 1. No, not yet. Some groundwork has been laid for this in WireMock’s core by allowing the HTTP client to be customised, but the gRPC extension hasn’t been changed to take advantage of this yet. 2. The extension doesn’t use the proto files directly (since there doesn’t seem to be a Java parser for them) so regardless of where you keep them you need to compile them to descriptor files via
and provide those to WireMock.
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Got it. Thanks for the quick response!