Hi, I want to use <wiremock.net> in recordandproxy...
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Hi, I want to use wiremock.net in recordandproxy mode for https requests, can someone tell me what i should do for that.. i just tried doing dotnet dev-certs https --trust and then my wiremocksettings to have as below, but still i dont see its saving the mapping files? do i need to generate self signed certificate explicitly ?
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UseSSL = true,
AcceptAnyClientCertificate = true,
CertificateSettings = new WireMockCertificateSettings()
    X509StoreName = "My",
    X509StoreLocation = "CurrentUser",
    X509StoreThumbprintOrSubjectName = null
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Thankyou its sorted by just giving the client certificate in proxyandrecord setting 😊
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@sameena syed Next time, post a question about WireMock .NET here: https://wiremock-community.slack.com/archives/C059E0MBM29
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