Hello again folks! I hate to ask 2 questions back ...
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Hello again folks! I hate to ask 2 questions back to back like this but I couldnt find anything online to solve my issue 😅 The docker image
gives an error saying that it will not work on my M1 Macbooks architecture even though the docs show that it should:
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docker pull wiremock/wiremock:3.3.1-1-alpine
3.3.1-2-alpine: Pulling from wiremock/wiremock
no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries
the previous version being used was 2.33.2-alpine and it worked just fine though. is this issue known? or perhaps im doing something silly 🤪
Hmmm…it looks like we’ve only been building the alpine variant for amd64. Not sure why without investigating. The non-alpine images include arm builds so could you use those in the meantime as a workaround?
@Oleg Nenashev are you aware of a specific reason we’re not building the alpine images for arm?
Looking. Most likely an issue in the release Pipeline
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- CONTEXT: alpine
              - wiremock/wiremock:latest-alpine
              - wiremock/wiremock:3x-alpine
              - wiremock/wiremock:${{ needs.check-new-version.outputs.new_version }}-alpine
              - wiremock/wiremock:${{ github.event.inputs.bundled-version }}-alpine
              - <http://ghcr.io/wiremock/wiremock:latest-alpine|ghcr.io/wiremock/wiremock:latest-alpine>
              - <http://ghcr.io/wiremock/wiremock:${{|ghcr.io/wiremock/wiremock:${{> needs.check-new-version.outputs.new_version }}-alpine
              - linux/amd64
Indeed, we release only the amd64 one
AFAICT it has always been a case since the builds were moved to GitHub Actions by Rodolph. Will try to add Arm
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https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock-docker/pull/105 - I would prefer to have some CI for Arm before merging. Right now we do not test non-amd64 images at all
Yeah, I was wondering whether he deliberately didn’t add them because they didn’t work properly
Only one way to find out…
is this command being run in the terminal, or somehow automatically through more abstraction? you can always
docker pull --platform=linux/amd64 wiremock/wiremock:3.3.1-1-alpine
e.g. this fails on my non-arm laptop:
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$ docker run --rm -it --platform=linux/arm64 alpine:3.19
Unable to find image 'alpine:3.19' locally
3.19: Pulling from library/alpine
Digest: sha256:51b67269f354137895d43f3b3d810bfacd3945438e94dc5ac55fdac340352f48
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:3.19
exec /bin/sh: exec format error
I saw this work around but since this repo is used by both M1 mac users and non-M1 macs I want to avoid platform specification in the repo if i can.
I will update the CI and then release a new version if it passes on arm
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We do not update the images so often, so I see no reason to not do one Arm configuration test
hey @Oleg Nenashev! I dont mean to rush anything, just curious if you know about when the new docker image will be available?
Working on it
I guess Rodolph hit https://github.com/docker/buildx/issues/59 and excluded images because of that
@Andrew Ripley so yes, at the moment we cannot use the same base image for alpine. The upstream image does not include Arm platforms for Alpine. One could add another base image, but it would be a more drastic change to the pipeline. For now I will merge the CI updates and rollback the release patch
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#5 [linux/arm64 internal] load metadata for <http://docker.io/library/eclipse-temurin:11.0.21_9-jre-alpine|docker.io/library/eclipse-temurin:11.0.21_9-jre-alpine>
#5 ERROR: no match for platform in manifest: not found

#2 [linux/arm/v7 internal] load metadata for <http://docker.io/library/eclipse-temurin:11.0.21_9-jre-alpine|docker.io/library/eclipse-temurin:11.0.21_9-jre-alpine>
#2 ERROR: no match for platform in manifest: not found
FTR created https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock-docker/issues/107 so that someone could work on it