Hello, I need a little help or perhaps confirmatio...
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Hello, I need a little help or perhaps confirmation. I am currently using a lot of callbacks in my mappings and have to return callback responses that are bigger than just couple of attributes. For that I tried to use bodyFileName and provide a file the same way as for usual response but it doesnt seem to be working no matter what I do. I keep getting 400 malformed json body when trying to reach my callback endpoint. Is using files in callback response implemented in WireMock open source? or do I need to rewrite that to an extra long string with escaped characters? P.S. Just in case it wasn't clear, I use JSON stub mappings.
Unfortunately this isn't implemented in WireMock at the moment. The PR you linked to is quite old now so I will take a look and see what happened to that
Thanks, that would be much appreciated. We found that randomly during the debugging session with one of the devs. But it seems to be about same functionality we require atm.
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