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Hello #help I currently use wiremock docker with my own response transformers for mappings. Is there a way to send data to the transformer that is separate from the actual request being sent to it. Have a situation where my responses need to very based on a test case
I don't think response transformers can accept their own requests outside of the actual request being sent in. Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean when you say the responses need to be based on the test case?
My system I am testing sends a report every second to a cloud service. Due to security reasons the service I am testing can not ever receive an http request. Any information sent to the service must be in the response from a request the service sends to the cloud. There are many commands and various functionalities that I need to rest via these responses. The issue I run into is my test doesn't have an easy way to communicate with response transformer. I currently have a hacky solution but was wondering if there was any tooling in wiremock I could utilize that would be cleaner