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Hello #help, Hope you are doing well. I am Vishal, working as an engineer working for a biggest online fashion store in EU. We are trying to create a solution for testing for which we need to create a wiremock server running with a Java Spring boot application. The clients of this application uses admin API to add new stubs to server and also other clients calls wiremock to access those stubbed URLs. Currently we want to support around 100 RPS with this we are not using any external storage to store mapping hence everything is in System Memory. We are using wiremock 2.X and POST serve actions so every new stubbing is removed after getting used once. Also there is a schedular to clean unused stubs in every 10 minutes. We have currently provisioned a POD with 20 GB memory and 4 Core. We are strugging with the threads configuration for tomact (java server) and jetty (wiremock server) can someone help us streamline these and help us get over it.