Another question about the wiremock-grpc extension...
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Another question about the wiremock-grpc extension and the requirement for the dsc file. I’m not familiar with that file nor how to generate it. I’m a maven user (not by choice unfortunately - I’d much prefer Gradle 🙂 ) and the maven plugin doesn’t seem to generate it. I’ve been using another grpc mocking framework that seems similar to WireMock and there is no requirement for that file. What is WireMock’s hard requirement on that file for?
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As far as I could tell there's no way to directly parse .proto definitions in Java, only compile them into either code or .dsc via protoc. Because WireMock needs to dynamically work with proto data structures (using static code would be impractical) .dsc is the only available option. Generating it is quite simple using Java build tools, Gradle example here: