Hello everyone. I want to make mapping for my wi...
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Hello everyone. I want to make mapping for my wiremock server. However I have no idea how to map char array instead of string.
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"request": {
    "urlPathPattern": "/some/url",
    "method": "GET",
    "headers" : {
      "apiKey": {
        "equalTo": "test"

This mapping will stub for string 'test' but i wanna match it to char. The result would be apiKey [matches] : test | apiKey: [t, e, s, t] <<<<< Header does not match
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Putting in the mapping  "equalTo": "test"
, ends up with initializationError -> equalTo operand must be a non-null string I tried different options like 'matches' but nothing works. I get char array in header and I cannot change it. How can I stub it?
Sorry, I am not sure I understand your requirement here. Is it that you want to match a request with a header of
apiKey: [t,e,s,t]
Yup, exactly. I'll have a key with value "test".toCharArray(), so it should match ["t","e","s","t"] the only idea I have come up with would be to use matcher like "value": { "matches": "^(.*[\"t\",\"e\",\"s\",\"t\"]])" } but it looks like a workaround. Or would it be proper solution?
Out of interest, what problem are you trying to solve here?