Hi everyone, is there a possibility to use `postS...
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Hi everyone, is there a possibility to use
with the webhook extension and also include a transformer? I am working with json mappings. One use case for this is we want to generate an auth token for the callback. Right now as a workaround I am using
to enrich the originalRequest with the token I want and fetch this in the postServeAction via originalRequest.header, as a caveat this is applied to all mappings (at least from the documentation I don't see how to choose a stubbing and not globally) Now we would also like to calculate a field based on some secret. If this was a simple response a responseTransformer would do the trick but it seems like postServeAction + webhook don't directly support this?
Hi @Norman Mahendra this is an interesting one. I’m not sure there’s an easy answer right now. You might find that creating your own webhook extension (maybe via subclassing) is the only solution at the moment. I’ve been meaning to add an extension point to support addition of custom template helpers, so that may be a solution to this once it’s available since templating can be used within webhooks.