Hello! I have defined a mapping with a `postServeA...
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Hello! I have defined a mapping with a
like the following. Both the triggering call and the webhook call are registered by wiremock standalone as I can see them in the wiremock console, but the webhook is not being made and I don't see any errors in the wm console or in the webhook api endpoint. Is there any way to debug this further? thanks in advance!
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final MappingBuilder mappingBuilder = post(urlPathMatching("/v1/triggering-endpoint"))
            .withHeader("content-type", "application/json")
            .withBody("{\"id\": " + id + "}"))
        .withPostServeAction("webhook", webhook()
            .withHeader("Content-Type", "application/json")
            .withBody("{ \"someField\": \"someValue\" }");
Hi @Giovanny Sayas, first thing to check - is the webhook extension enabled at startup?
i was able to get it running, there was something wrong with the url
a follow up question i have is, can i make HTTPS calls with the webhook?
Yes, that should work just fine