Hi, is this possible? I would like to have my fi...
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Hi, is this possible? I would like to have my files loaded in memory so that any on the fly file changes do not update the files in the file system. Then if I call the reset api it clears the in memory cache. I’m using the wiremock docker instance. Thanks
You can create permanent version via /save endpoint and then create a duplicate of the same stub and dont persist it. Those that are not persisted/saved will get deleted when you hit that /reset endpoint or when you redeploy pod. This works because afaik if Wiremock matches more than one mapping it takes the most recent one if priorities are not set Hope that is the functionality you are looking for.
I don’t think it is, I’m editing the file where the location is held in bodyfilename of the mapping. When I update the changes to the file on API __/admin/files/id it overwrites the file on the file system and the reset doesn’t set it back.