Hi! I've started to outline plans to implement a d...
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Hi! I've started to outline plans to implement a dedicated UI (a tool window) in the WireMocha plugin that would help interact with a standalone WireMock server via the Admin API. I see that I can create multiple separate instances of
with custom host, port, etc., however I don't see a way to close the underlying
manually/on-demand. Is it intentional, or maybe I'm missing something? I wouldn't want to keep open indefinitely an http client instance.
There isn’t a way to get at it right now, but I’ve never found leaving a long-lived instance around to be a problem. It cleans up connections as it goes, so it’s only the client itself that sticks around until it’s GC’d at shutdown.
Ah, it cleans up connections, that is cool. In that case it should not be a problem. Thank you!
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