Hi team, I'm setting up wiremock standalone jar in...
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Hi team, I'm setting up wiremock standalone jar in gcp vm with internal loadbalancer. somehow the health check is not passing. Did anybody tried this setup?
What health check url are you using?
I have a health check in /health endpoint and when i'm hitting inside vm I'm getting the request 200
Is the
endpoint you are hitting one of your own mocks? The reason I ask is because the WireMock health endpoint isn't at that url. It is found at
Also, something to think about if you are going down this road is to take a look at WireMock Cloud. WireMock Cloud will remove some of the headaches of hosting and scaling your own WireMock instances as well as adding additional capabilities such as mock creation from openAPI spec, Chaos testing, contract testing and import data from CSV files. https://www.wiremock.io/comparison