Hi! I have a question regarding scenarios in JSON ...
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Hi! I have a question regarding scenarios in JSON stub mapping files. I have an idea for a Gutter icon for the WireMocha plugin that would be displayed for the
properties, and that could help navigate to incoming and outgoing stub mappings based on their scenario states. I've seen that the number of stub mappings in a project can be in the hundreds, or maybe even thousands, but I'd like to know how common it is that scenarios themselves are spread across several (at least in the tens) JSON mapping files.
I’d say it’s fairly rare, but still happens occasionally.
(in my own person experience, YMMV)
I see. In that case, I'll think a bit more about it whether it would worth the effort. (A part of my brain keeps telling me that it would be fun to implement it regardless of the ROI. 😄 )
I know that feeling. Nothing but trouble :-)