Hey <@U070ACRMRH8> , let me try and update that pr...
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Hey @Sofiya Taskova , let me try and update that project to the latest WireMock version today and see what happens. What Java version are you using?
Thank you so much! Java 17
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I’ll let you know later today
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I now also see the project doesn’t have a CI pipeline yet, I’ll add that too to make sure the answers keep running (but this is more of a note to myself)
I am in pacific time and I will have to go silent soon, but just want to exclaim how astonished I am by your responsiveness!! TYSM!
No problem. It’s a learning opportunity for me too, I’ve seen others reference that Jetty issue as well so it’ll be good to find out what happens.
So, I upgraded WireMock to
and ran the tests again, and that didn't cause any issues. I then upgraded again to
and that, too, worked fine. You can see the result here: https://github.com/basdijkstra/wiremock-workshop/actions/runs/8813765085 I'm happy to dive deeper into this, but I need to be able to reproduce it first. Do you have a project you can share?
Good morning! Thank you for doing this! I'll try to extract the important parts of my project, unfortunately it's not shareable. I have not stumbled on any other examples of WireMock 3.5.4 importing Jetty 9, it would be really helpful to compare if you recall where you saw? After manually adding Jetty 11 to the classpath (i.e. excluding it from the WireMock dependency and re-adding version 11), I stumbled on a
NoClassDefFoundError com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/cfg/DatatypeFeature
. My test looks like
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@WireMockTest(httpPort = 8080) 
public class IrisApplicationTest {

  private MockMvc mockMvc;
It is a shame you can’t share your project. Anything you can share would help even if it is stripped down to a bare spring boot project with just the dependencies that reproduce the problem Just out of interest, what version of spring boot are you using ?
Hold your breath... 2.6.6 Stripping down the project is the next thing I'll try after attempting to verify my work with an interactive test w/ docker