Some comments on WireMock Cloud Background - I cr...
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Some comments on WireMock Cloud Background • I created a new mock using the OpenAPI Template • I went to the Swagger Editor and loaded the Pet Store OAS 3 example • I copy/pasted that yaml into WireMock Cloud in the OpenAPI Document Tab Observations 1. The original yaml uses references to components (like schemas). a. Which saves thousands of lines of code. b. When I save it in WireMock cloud all of the component-schemas as copied inline to each request. Everything is expanded and I lose the ability to change one schema and have it referenced everywhere. i. This was an issue in the GitHub demo today where the presentor just wanted to update the schema used everywhere — but they needed to make the change in multiple locations. 2. In my PetStore example: a. I can’t match the “Get user by user name (application/xml) - generic” i. It seems like it should match because of the
Accept: application/xml
ii. But it always matches the JSON example above it. 1. If I could edit the order in the file, it seems like it could help to move it above the JSON match so it matches it first 2. If I play with priority (make it a 3) then it matches the generic XML first. I guess my hope in the advancements for WireMock Cloud would be that I could walk through (top to bottom) each of the endpoints and use the Test Requester to hit each match. Personally I would probably have responses of both JSON and XML - just grabbed a robust OpenAPI 3 sample API, but I’m looking to get your thoughts on how it should work.