Hi all I am building an extension that I intend t...
# wiremock-java
Hi all I am building an extension that I intend to run as a standalone process within a container. This extension will need some specific configuration that I would like to load at startup via some configuration file that I would mount on a volume. Is there some interface I can implement where I can retrieve that configuration ? Is there some best practice on where to store this configuration file? Any help or advice is appreciated. 🙌
You could follow the approach taken by the gRPC extension and use a folder under WireMock’s root. That way you can grab it via the
interface in a way that’ll make it more portable than if you directly accessed the files. See https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock-grpc-extension/blob/0ee8cd719af2bc12ff011fddd[…]3cedf/src/main/java/org/wiremock/grpc/GrpcExtensionFactory.java
Thank you very much @Tom