After migrating to Spring Boot 3.x, I switched Wir...
# wiremock-java
After migrating to Spring Boot 3.x, I switched WireMock use within the application from running embedded via
to running as a Docker container using
. Everything has been smooth sailing except for some legacy Handlebars extensions which I worked around by enabling global response templating within the container instance. However, I noticed that
does allow for the loading of external extensions using JAR file references.. has anyone been able to load Handlebars extension instances, as Spring beans, into WireMock docker? In the past, we used
WireMockConfigurationCustomizer to load it programmatically like so:
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// handlebarsHelper instance is injected by Spring while refreshing the ApplicationContext
    fun wireMockConfigurationCustomizer(
        handlebarsHelper: Helper<Map<String, Any>>
    ) = WireMockConfigurationCustomizer { configuration ->
            ResponseTemplateTransformer(false, "helper-name", handlebarsHelper)
There were some changes in how Handlebars is shaded, so now you will need the extension to be rebuilt with to have it working properly in the standalone mode. FYI @Lee Turner @Tom, is someone looking into this patch?