Hi Can you give a bit more details about the chal...
# wiremock-cloud
Hi Can you give a bit more details about the challenges you are facing? Are you trying to mock AWS services from our WireMock templates library?
Yes. How do we integrate this with our existing setup? Is there some guide/tutorial around this?
Hi @Harsh Bardhan can you describe your setup a bit? Which AWS services are you integrating with and what kind of apps/services are you building?
Hi @Tom — I would ideally like to try out testing my Terraform configs to start with. A basic config deploys a Lambda function with an API Gateway. I was just wondering how helpful Wiremock would be in mocking the API and if I can realistically test it locally 🤔
OK, this isn’t a use case I’ve tried to implement myself but it might make sense to start with record and playback in this instance, so run Terraform against one of your AWS environments but proxying through WireMock with recording enabled. Then you can tweak/customise the resulting stubs and test against them without connecting to a real AWS account.
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