Hi, I just started using wiremock, seems like a gr...
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Hi, I just started using wiremock, seems like a great tool, I am using the official docker image. Are there any resources that would help me setup https proxy with a cert? Appears this is not part of the docker image.
Hi. Indeed the docs are not great on that part. The steps would be: 1. Follow https://wiremock.org/docs/https/, but by using CLI arguments from https://wiremock.org/docs/standalone/java-jar/#command-line-options 2. You can see there is a bunch of HTTPs related arguments. Choose those that are needed for your configuration, and pass them using the
argument or just as arguments in the
docker run
command] 3. Pass the certificate files via Docker volumes. The location paths are determined via CLI arguments
thank you for the help, I got it working!
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