PR: Gradle Convention plugin for WireMock extensio...
# wiremock-java
PR: Gradle Convention plugin for WireMock extensions PTAL @Dirk Bolte @Tom If no objections, I will try to ship it (see the test for usage example)
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@Shreya Agarwal would you be fine if I try applying the convention plugin and release automation to the Faker Extension? Likely I will need a few iterations before the release happens
@Dirk Bolte Signing and Shading work on my machine and got some test coverage. Any objections if I merge and send it for Gradle review?
Then, I think, we will be able to tinker incrementally
all good for me - you know the technologies and process there much better than me anyhow 🙂 Got no conflicting development in the pipe at the moment
OK, let's try
Will merge and ship after the school run
You mean for testing purposes? Sure go ahead!
OK, . I still need the plugin to be accepted to the Gradle repo before it can be ran on CI