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sameena syed

11/10/2023, 3:09 PM
Hi Im looking for some support as im new to wiremock, i am running wiremock in proxyandrecord mode and when i make a call(all static request data) with proxy true its saving mapping file only once. If i run next time its not saving it. But when i make request body as dynamic its generating mapping file each time i run. But here the problem is proxy OFF the test going to fail. (Actual behaviour when i make a call multiple times it will be generating new userid). I want to save the mapping file each time whenever i run the test irrespective of the data how can i do that
these are my wiremockserver settings
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"WireMockServerSettings": {
  "StartAdminInterface": false,
  "AllowPartialMapping": false,
  "HandleRequestsSynchronously": false,
  "ThrowExceptionWhenMatcherFails": true,
  "MappingExpiringTimeInSec": 300,
  "IgnoreExpiredMappings": false,
  "ReadStaticMappings": true