Hi, I'm testing Spring Boot 3.2 RC1, and I'm havin...
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Hi, I'm testing Spring Boot 3.2 RC1, and I'm having trouble with initialising wiremock.
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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jakarta/servlet/DispatcherType
the initialisation is quite simple
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val wireMockServer = WireMockServer(WireMockConfiguration.wireMockConfig().dynamicPort())
this problem is not on Spring Boot 3.1.5 I use the latest wiremock v3.2.0
Hi, anyone to help me with this? It's the same with the v3.3.1
Suggest you try switching to the WireMock standalone JAR
I think you should make the standalone jar a default one in the documentation and anywhere when it's possible. With spring boot 3 it became almost a daily question
Or maybe we could ship a compatibility shim, though I do not think it would be trivial
... And reflection free