Morning! Quick question as I couldn't find it in t...
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Morning! Quick question as I couldn't find it in the docs or a suitable answer online anywhere: we're using a simple generic mapping in WireMock (in JSON) that returns a file with a name based on the SSN value it pulls from the request. So, if the request contains SSN
, we return a JSON body stored in a file
. That works when the file exists, but when it doesn't, WireMock returns an HTTP 500 because the response could not be served properly. I would like it to return a 404 instead.
I believe there was a feature request for that, but I cannot find a GitHub issue. Looking
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By the way, for now knowing that WireMock does not support it is sufficient, we'll just accept it returns a 500. I think it would make a good feature, though 🙂
Could you please file an issue? It looks quite straightforward to implement so maybe somebody will pick it up
Will do!
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