Hi all, I am using. <wiremock-grpc-extension> for ...
# help
Hi all, I am using. wiremock-grpc-extension for mocking the grpc service but facing some issues with the imported messages within the same project it fails with the File not found while creating the descriptor files
Hi @Navjot Singh, can you post some details of what you’re doing and the error message?
In my use case, I have to import the messages from the other files so will running the standalone jars I am getting the error Exception in thread "main" wiremock.com.google.protobuf.Descriptors$DescriptorValidationException: for example my file structure is like that : . ├── ExampleServices.proto ├── cmd.txt ├── model │ ├── enum │ └── enum1.proto │ └── hello.proto ├── run1.sh ├── wiremock-data │ ├── __files │ ├── grpc │ │ └── descriptors.dsc │ └── mappings │ └── greeting.json ├── wiremock-grpc-extension-standalone-0.2.0.jar └── wiremock-standalone-3.2.0.jar cmd I am running _protoc --descriptor_set_out wiremock-data/grpc/all_descriptors.dsc ExampleServices.proto --include_imports_ /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-17.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java -cp wiremock-standalone-3.2.0.jar:wiremock-grpc-extension-standalone-0.2.0.jar wiremock.Run --port 8080 --root-dir wiremock-data;