Hello, which docker image version we have to use f...
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Hello, which docker image version we have to use for implementing the “Grpc” extension? Slack Conversation
Is your question about a pre-built image including gRPC extension or about which version to use for extension compatibility? 🤔 Can you share what have you tried and what issues are you experiencing?
My question is regarding how to use gRPC extenstion when we deploy the Wiremock using docker image. Is there any pre-built image including gRPC extension available?
In my case, using the latest tag Wiremock image the gRPC calls failing with “http2 exception”
Can you share a snippet of how you defined your wiremock image?
Assuming you’ve followed the docs on running Docker with extensions 🤔
Ups, I’m not following the above docs..
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docker run -it --rm \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  --name wiremock \
  -v $PWD/extensions:/var/wiremock/extensions \
  wiremock/wiremock \
    --extensions org.wiremock.webhooks.Webhooks
how it should look like for grpc extension?
this one?
I think yes, but not 100% sure. You will also need to download the jar and place it under your extensions directory beforehand.
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wget <https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/wiremock/wiremock-grpc-extension/0.2.0/wiremock-grpc-extension-0.2.0.jar> \
  -O {your_path_to_wiremock}/extensions/wiremock-grpc-extension-0.2.0.jar
yes, I got it. thank you very much 🙂
Can you share your final Dockerfile for shamelessly copy-pasting it in case someone else could make use of it (a.k.a me 😆). Of course, removing sensitive bits as needed
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