# help

Adwait Kumar Singh

10/12/2023, 1:29 AM
After upgrading WireMock from 2.23 to 2.27.2, I am seeing that it is normalizing the URL before proxying to the endpoint. I guess this is happening because the Apache Client shaded in 2.27.2 has a new default normalizeURI which prior to this defaulted to false. Is there a way to get WireMock to not modify the original URL at all?

Oleg Nenashev

10/12/2023, 5:00 AM
Hello. Not that I know of. If you could submit a GitHub issue or even a short PR it would be awesome. Note that it is better to upgrade to a recent WireMock version: 3.2.0 or at least 2.35.1
Actually it is better to first upgrade and verify the behavior, and submit issues only after

Adwait Kumar Singh

10/12/2023, 11:04 PM
Upgrading fixed the issue.