Hari Krishnan

09/18/2023, 2:53 AM
Hi! I currently have multiple transformers within a single extension jar file. However when I run it with the following command, only the last transformer defined in the command is getting picked up (tried switching around both). Should I have a unique extension jar file for each transformer or is it an issue with the command?
java -cp default-response.jar:wiremock-standalone-3.0.0.jar \wiremock.Run
—`extensions,` Also, I cannot get —local-response-templating to work along with the above command


09/18/2023, 9:52 AM
Hard to say for sure what’s happening here, but I suggest the following for your extensions: 1. Create your extensions via a single
instance (these can return a list of extension impls) 2. Add a service descriptor to your project so that you can avoid using
altogether and have them auto-loaded.

Hari Krishnan

09/22/2023, 2:42 AM
Thanks Tom, managed to get it working by auto loading it
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