@here we are using wiremock version 2.26 in the ap...
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@here we are using wiremock version 2.26 in the application for which I am creating requestMapping , we have thought to upgrade to more recent version or at least higher but due to variety of dependent changes in the application itself we have not done as of now not planning to do it in recent future. Can anyone provide me link to documentation that give me request matcher for specific to 2.26 version so that I can use to match requests. Some of the requestMatchers from https://wiremock.org/docs/request-matching doc might be not useful? Please guide
Hello. Currently we don't publish documentation for minor versions, but you can find WireMock 2 docs on wiremock.org/2.x/docs
And mind that neither
are available for Wiremock 2.x. This is a know issue.