Hi all! :wave: Not to be a burden/annoyance, but I...
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Hi all! 👋 Not to be a burden/annoyance, but I created a new issue for some pretty unexpected (and I think undesirable) behavior RE: Scenario Playback: https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock/issues/2364. We have some workarounds available to us (disabling scenarios, or resetting scenario state at the beginning of each test), but I figured this is something you’d want to be aware of! Side note: I noticed that when
is set to
, the last request received is the one stored in the persisted stub mapping. This is good for our use case, but the docs don’t do a great job of highlighting that behavior. Would it be OK/welcome for me to open a PR to maybe add some clarification around this? Currently, they read:
There are two ways to handle this. Setting
means that after the first request, subsequent identical ones will be ignored.
That makes it sound as if requests after the first won’t impact the persisted mapping, but what I think it means is that only a single mapping will be created and the response of that mapping will be the response of the last response received for that request.