Hi all :wave: I'm looking to get some help on Wire...
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Hi all 👋 I'm looking to get some help on WireMock. I'm deploying a docker WireMock image as a web app on Azure. Locally the Dockerfile works, I tested the mock server using postman and it's behaving as expected. The Dockerfile looks like this:
FROM wiremock/wiremock
COPY mappings/* mappings/
As I understand the
is already set to
by the official WireMock image that I'm starting from, as well as the
command so I don't need to add those. When I deploy the code to Azure I receive the error No response could be served as there are no stub mappings in this WireMock instance. Is there anything obvious I'm doing or not doing in the Dockerfile? Thank you!
Hi, are the mapping files stored in the same place when they are deployed to Azure ?
yes, same folders structure
Ah, not sure I will be much help here then. I was wondering if the
didn’t exist or was a different path when deployed to Azure but if that isn’t the case I am not sure what to suggest without a little more visibility of your setup
If you build the Docker image locally in the same way as Azure / download and run the image from Azure does the same thing happen?
hi both, thank you for the reply. The image was built fine, however when azure ran the container, it mounted a volume over-riding my mappings. Once I disabled this default behaviour it worked fine. Thank you 🙂
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