Hi, I am running a large amount of integration-tes...
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Hi, I am running a large amount of integration-tests, and I see that I am not properly handling one call to external service which I mock in WireMock (run in a docker-container). I see the banner with
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wiremock_1                |                                               Request was not matched
wiremock_1                |                                               =======================
wiremock_1                |
wiremock_1                |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
wiremock_1                || Closest stub                                             | Request                                                  |
wiremock_1                |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
wiremock_1                |                                                           |
wiremock_1                |GET                                                        | DELETE                                              <<<<< HTTP method does not match
etc. Since all my tests pass, I have a hard-time matching which test triggers this behaviour. I wonder if there is a parameter I can give to WireMock to include a header say "traceparent", I use opentelemetry and that way I could easily map the test to the wiremock mismatch.