Hi everyone, needed help here I have setup wiremo...
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Hi everyone, needed help here I have setup wiremock as a proxy and I want to use the record and playback feature of the same. The only thing that I am not sure of is: 1. Whether it is possible to record the api responses and next time if a similar request comes in, instead of routing it to the real server just return the recorded response. I want this exercise to keep happening. If it doesn’t match, call real api and again record the same. I don’t want to stop recording and launching it in playback mode 2. If I want few fields in the request body to be kept out of matching criteria because few fields can be dynamic and without them taken into account the request should be called a duplicate one, and hence the recorded response should get returned. Would it be possible? Basically I want the hashing key to be calculated only on the basis of few fields of request.
Pls help @Tom
Hi, 1. At the moment you would need to record the interaction and then add it to configuration via config file or REST API 2. Yes. You don't have to specify a full pattern in the matching criteria, actually the opposite is recommended for better performance and flexibility. Then you can use dynamic response templating to get the response values you need