Is WIREMOCK_OPTIONS an environment variable that W...
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Is WIREMOCK_OPTIONS an environment variable that Wiremock supports? I'm using a Docker image for running wiremock and don't see this var being passed to the Java process.
NO, it is not propagated in the Docker image. I it documented somewhere as one supported?
I see. This image actually supports passing variables
So, if this is needed, it would be nice to just add it to the official image.
It supports by documentation but not in reality. I think the most common use case is that a project specific Dockerfile is created that customizes startup parameters and adds in mapping files. For holomekc/wiremock-gui I had to override entrypoint.
Now I see that official image uses the same so I could easily switch. Is the preferred way of passing in options such as --verbose and others to override the entrypoint or you have seen some other patterns?
I need to check the documentation, because I didn't see any occurrences when searching on the mobile browser. I would appreciate it if you could create a bug to the documentation repository, there is a button in the bottom that leads you to proper issue template
For the current image, I would also override de the entry point if I needed a quick fix. But it would be great to fix propagation to improve quality of life for end users
Wearing my user hat, in the future I want to have just a single configuration file in YAML/JSON that could be passed to configure the whole instance. For that I want to switch to EasyCLI first so that we don't have to invent the wheel and actually can extend the behavior
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Created a PR instead for the documentation change