Anzar Ahsan

07/06/2023, 2:43 PM
Hi, We have created a wiremock extension so that it could parse the HL7 message and set the response dynamically according the HL7 message content from request payload. Tried it in local with wiremock standalone jar - it works fine. Need help in in "How we can use the wiremock extensions in EKS cluster (helm chart)?" Also, where to put the extension jar and what entries we need to make in values/chart files to make wiremock use the extension. FYI - We are using for helm chart in our EKS clusters.

Oleg Nenashev

07/06/2023, 9:32 PM
For the Helm chart, it is the same as in the official image :
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You need to either extend the image (recommended) or map a volume