Hi, looking for some help/guidance on below query ...
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Hi, looking for some help/guidance on below query - 1. Is there a way we can echo back some of the tags from HL7 based request messages from to response. (We are using Standalone jar of Wiremock) For Example - Request Payload contains -
Then the response payload needs to have below information (echoing somedata tags from request) -
2. We are trying to leverage Wiremock using EKS cluster in kubernetes. The helm chart I have shared with our DevSecOps to create the EKS cluster is - (· https://github.com/wiremock/helm-charts). They are saying "It has very poor code quality which makes them concern the stability of wiremock since holomekc made modifications. They would not recommend using this version. instead look for an alternative. Since anyone can access the mappings and nothing prevent someone modify it. The mapping should be locked down by our team." Please suggest if we have any other help chart to refer. Thanks in advance for your help