Hi Team, We at are planning to implement WireMock...
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Hi Team, We at are planning to implement WireMock Standalone jar (Running in docker) for Service Virtualization with AWS infrastructure (EKS cluster). Due to budget constraints, our organization is preferring to use opensource/free version of WireMock (standalone jar). It would be great if someone could guide us with the queries our DevSecOps team have for the implementation – Recommended resource request/limit for deployment in K8s using helm chart ?(Kindly provide the estimated volume for virtual environment which can support functional and performance testing on virtual services) Is HPA supported in k8s for WireMock? We have multiple projects/APIs to support with WireMock-virtual services. How can we run and manage the WireMock instances on multiple ports in containerized environment ? How much is the load/traffic can WireMock standalone jar supports in terms of transaction per second? Any special instructions which we need to follow while containerizing the WireMock-Docker approach?
Hello, I will answer the questions one by one. For the required resources/bandwidth, it depends on your choice of JVM, the complexity of mappings you use, the number of apis, and of course on the versions you choose (3.0 beta includes significant performance boost). So there is no easy answer for what you ask
HPA is currently not supported in the WireMock official Helm chart. There is an implementation for Docker swarm, and the one is welcome to port Kubernetes and send a pull request
For using multiple ports, WireMock currency binds only to a single port. You can expose multiple apis from there. If you need multiple ports due to whatever reason, for the moment you will need to run multiple instances of WireMock container (or update its internals to run multiple instances which I don't recommend)