Stef Heyenrath

05/25/2023, 2:36 PM
I did have a look at Testcontainers and this looks indeed very useful. About : "Testcontainers .NET Module", I think it's very useful to create a WireMock package, however, maybe for the time being, for the first idea, it's easier to create a version for WireMock.Net first (Testcontainers.WireMock.Net NuGet) and after that create the java version (Testcontainers.WireMock NuGet ) and when the 2 specs are aligned, the Testcontainers.WireMock NuGet would support both. Or create Testcontainers.WireMock NuGet and use specific builder methods to define the java or the .net version

Oleg Nenashev

05/25/2023, 2:39 PM
I would rather create a single module that has two container definitions and some shared utility classes and interfaces where we can start generalizing the things
We don't have to commit to binary compatibility in the beginning, and I think this approach could provide us with an excellent boilerplate. With some luck and effort we could even end up in the compatibility layer that could be later detached into a separate library so that WireMock.NET could include it