Hi <@U053FGT8MHQ>! Just to follow-up on the docume...
# wiremock-python
Hi @mike waites! Just to follow-up on the documentation, I would suggest converting all docs to Markdown to align with other projects, and using the default MkDocs for now - https://docs.readthedocs.io/en/stable/intro/getting-started-with-mkdocs.html . I think it would be reasonable to keep the docs either on readthedocs, or inside the repository directly, and just reference them from wiremock.oeg
👌 @Oleg Nenashev do you want me to just run with this or do you have some ideas for structure that we should follow ?
The question is how many features you want to keep in the same library. If we just keep the client there, then I would rather vote for keeping the documentation simple. If Testcontainers and Pytest would be within the same repository, then we need something more extensible