<@U053FGT8MHQ> I am around for the next 3 hrs if n...
# wiremock-python
@mike waites I am around for the next 3 hrs if needed
Hey @Oleg Nenashev Sorry I had stepped away for a break. Shall we merge the branch and create a release then? I can jump on any issues that crop up
Alright I will pull the trigger in a sec
🎉 , congrats!
I would probably hide 64 since it is a within-release thing, but otherwise LGTM
yeh i've got another pr to merge now that will automate the version naming then i'll clean the release notes up so it doesn't have all this "fix the release stuff" on it
then i'll publish the release and see what happens with the automation
if that's good, i will update the version again to 2.4.0
so close. got some issues with the classifers format.
https://pypi.org/project/wiremock/2.4.0a0/ need to look into why pypi doesn't like the -alpha flag but this is working e2e now 💃
🙌 1