Hello Experts, I have a requirement and an idea, p...
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Hello Experts, I have a requirement and an idea, please go through and share your thoughts. I'm planing to use wiremock replacing our existing API mocking tool. Current tool has inline javascript shell calls at response side. Few JS are simple which I can replicate in wiremock easily using regex and conditions. While few others have nested/multiple conditions and in few one js calls another. I have the option of using wiremock's ResponseDefinitionTransformer/extension but the point is, it ends up to be an extra build step for each change we need unlike js which is called by the current tool directly from mapping json. With my knowledged on wiremock I do not know if wiremock has any option for inline or passing script, so was thinking if I can create a js handlebar to execute the javascript and map it to wiremocking. In this way I can pass js as inline and the handlebar takes care of the rest. I do not have to build extension each time I need a change in my response logic. Sorry for loooonggg para.