# help

Ilia Pavlov

04/13/2023, 7:59 PM
Hey guys, I need help I used stand alone version of MW, I have multiple response from single entry point. In request body I don't have any properties only couple parameters. I tried to use
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"bodyPatterns" : [ {
      "matchesJsonPath" : "$.things[?( == 'RequiredThing')]"
    } ]
but got issue like like no expected characters or so. body request is simple { "parameter1": 18, "parameter2": true, "parameter3": ["LOGO", "MARK"], "parameter4": "AAPL", "parameter5": "108X108" }
looks like answer will be [?( == 'RequiredThing')]

Oleg Nenashev

04/13/2023, 8:23 PM
Yep, there is no '.things' in the request