Hello everyone. For the last few months, I've been...
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Hello everyone. For the last few months, I've been thinking about developing my own open source project based on wiremock studio. Now I see that since recently wiremock studio is no longer supported and wiremock cloud will be used instead. https://wiremock.org/studio/docs/ Could anybody tell mode about the prospects for the development of wiremock studio. Is it possible to use it in another open source projects? Will there be alternatives besides wiremock cloud?
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@Tom Hi! Excuse me, could you tell me about the Wiremock Studio perspective?
Hi @Smirnov Nikita, WireMock Studio isn’t open source the UI and multi API runner backend are proprietary code, so you wouldn’t be able to build your own OSS project on top of these. Studio itself is being discontinued in favour of WireMock Cloud, which we’ll additionally be making available to install on Kubernetes next quarter. Was there a specific goal you had in mind for your project? What did you want to build that’s not currently out there?