01/25/2023, 4:17 AM
Hi Mukesh Welcome! FYI - WireMock team is not going to develop the WireMock Studio edition any more. You can still use it, but there will not be any updates, support etc. We are focusing the efforts on the cloud version. I recommend checking WireMock Cloud - WireMock Cloud includes everything that is included in WireMock Studio, deployed in the cloud (private VPC option will be available soon), various collaboration features and has a free edition as well

Mukesh Bijalwan

02/04/2023, 12:02 PM
Hello @Uri, If I am not wrong, Wiremock cloud is Mock Lab only right??


02/04/2023, 4:24 PM
Hi WireMock Cloud replaces MockLab. We created a new edition of the cloud version which is now called WireMock Cloud. WireMock Cloud introduce an updated user experience, new team management and collaboration, Enterprise readiness and we are planning to add a lot of exciting features very soon. As mentioned, we are also planning to add K8s deployment as well as private VPC. If you want to hear more details about this deployment, let me know (we are looking for customers to speak about this requirement with and make sure we deliver it in the best way)