Mukesh Bijalwan

03/03/2023, 1:09 PM
Hello, I was trying to run Wiremock studio from my local machine. When i launch it from window it throws below error. Could somebody help me if i am missing anything.:


03/03/2023, 1:41 PM
Hi @Mukesh Bijalwan this is actually OK. The 403 you get by default is a quirk of the file serving feature that occurs when you have no stub configured for that route. If you try a path other than / should get the no stubs message back, and if you add a stub then it should work as normal.

Mukesh Bijalwan

03/03/2023, 3:33 PM
Hello @Uri, i remember, earlier in previous versions we used to get Wiremock page where we could add mock API and stubs. Can u please tell me what should be the path now to add Mock API.
Sorry i misunderstood this. It worked now. Thanks @Uri