Hey Everyone, I am trying to setup wiremock with m...
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Hey Everyone, I am trying to setup wiremock with my emulator to capture and modify(similar to what mitmproxy does) http and https request for android native app. 1. I have installed the certificate in emulator. 2. I want to only intercept 2-3 any call (there are 100s of different call to different host). So basically want to whitelist every other call except the ones I wan to put stub for.
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HashMap<ExecutionDataKeys, Object> executionStates = new HashMap<>();
WireMockServer wireMockServer = new WireMockServer(
        new WireMockConfiguration().port(8080)
                .notifier(new Slf4jNotifier(true))
ArrayList<String> hostNames = new ArrayList<>(

I have also set proxy in emulator to localhost:8080. But it seems whitlisting is not working. all of my request are getting blocked. P.S. I am trying to use appium along with wiremock to test state changes in application
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