Hi, I'm a long-time WireMock user, first-time Wire...
# wiremock-java
Hi, I'm a long-time WireMock user, first-time WireMock Slack user... I use WM to stub APIs for automated tests, and I do so on a per-test-case basis, clearing the mappings after each test case. I have half a dozen external services to mock, so I'm having to create that many Docker containers. That eats up resources and is especially troublesome in our CI environment. So I'd like to use one WM instance to serve all of those APIs, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that. 🧵
I saw this: https://wiremock.org/docs/junit-jupiter/#proxy-mode And it sounds reasonable. The Kotlin DSL I'm using for stubbing doesn't support host mappings but maybe they'll accept a PR to add support for that.