I have an issue in a java test where wiremock is t...
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I have an issue in a java test where wiremock is throwing: Caused by: java.io.IOException: Received RST_STREAM: Stream cancelled at java.net.http/jdk.internal.net.http.HttpClientImpl.send(HttpClientImpl.java:964) If I hack the code for the builder to only use http v1 it fixes it: 2 questions, 1. what is the correct way to disable http2? https://wiremock.org/docs/configuration/ According to that page you can disable it with
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but I don't find that method anywhere 2. why is http2 not working?
Which version of WireMock are you using? I believe this method was a fairly recent addition
Could you try upgrading to the latest version and see if the method is available after?
which isn't even on Maven central yet
I'll try thanks,
but why is wiremock even throwing that error, would an upgrade fix that?
Updating to latest allows this now @Rule WireMockRule wm = new WireMockRule(_options_().http2PlainDisabled(true)); but the call still fails with : IOException: Received RST_STREAM: Stream cancelled
Hmm.. I’d have to dive deeper into that first. Maybe @Lee Turner or @Tom knows what’s happening here?
I've dug a bit deeper and foudn where it's configured and the updated jar and options().http2PlainDisabled(true) allow it to run so I can move on, But yes still curious why http2 needs disabling Thanks for your help
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The reason is this issue, basically: https://github.com/jetty/jetty.project/issues/11588 I think the underlying reason might actually be that the Java client is trying an upgrade when it shouldn’t per the latest version of the spec, but it’s not 100% clear at this point.