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Gergely Attila Sarosi

03/25/2024, 1:03 PM
Hi! Can anyone help me? I just getting familiar with wiremock. The service is not built by myself, I don't know how was it deployed. What I'd like to do is update response for the same mock (actually same urlPattern) while I do the testing simulating respons changes in a third party service. My problem is that if I look for my mock by uuid (resuest.get(url=wiremock-service/__admin/mappings/uuidI get the proper response, however when I try to PACH and update the response I got 404. here is my mock:
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"id" : "afba10b0-uuid-4f9e-a84e-0947f629e7a6",
 "request" : {
  "urlPattern" : "/mock/something/urlPattern.*&startdate=.*&enddate=.*",
  "method" : "GET"
 "response" : {
  "status" : 200,
  "bodyFileName" : "files/response_first.xml",
  "headers" : {
   "Content-Type" : "application/xml"
 "uuid" : "afba10b0-uuid-4f9e-a84e-0947f629e7a6"


03/25/2024, 3:05 PM
PATCH isn’t supported for updating stubs but you can PUT and replace the whole thing.

Gergely Attila Sarosi

03/26/2024, 6:47 AM
Thanks, now I see.